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DIY Marketing: The Right Steps To Do It Yourself

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If you are looking at the Do and Don’t for DIY, Marketing is on top of this list.

Professional marketers think it’s a big mistake to eliminate them and choose DIY marketing.

Everyone around you seems to think you’re nuts to do your own marketing.

But, what can you do?

You can’t afford to pay the overpriced marketers.

You decide to go nuts.

You start googling how to do your own marketing, DIY marketing, DIY virtual marketing, DIY online marketing, and more.

STOP! You are at the right place. DIY marketing is not that bad. It’s simple as:

“Hello, welcome to DIY Virtual Marketing.”

There you have it. I have just introduced our brand to you.

DIY marketing is not hard. It’s not nuts. It’s something we do every day when we introduce ourselves.

I am here to tell you DIY marketing is possible if you are ready to learn it.



Learning Online Marketing Is Easy and Free.

What is DIY Marketing?

If DIY stands for Doing It Yourself, then DIY marketing describes the decision to do your own marketing.

When a business owner says, I do my own marketing. This statement invokes up different views for different people.

Most people take DIY marketing to mean you are doing every aspect of the marketing process yourself. It’s simply not true.

The correct way to describe DIY marketing is taking over the control of the business marketing strategies. It’s a sound business decision for every business owner.

You know your business the best. You understand how customers value your products or services. It makes sense to take control of your business marketing strategies.

If you hire professional marketers to handle the marketing, don’t you want to tell them what to do?

Sure you do! You don’t want to waste money allowing them to test and do whatever they want. Wasting money is not a good marketing plan.

Can you see the importance for business owners to learn how to DIY marketing?

Advantages of DIY Marketing

DIY marketing puts you in charge of the marketing process. It allows your marketing team to convey the right messages to your customers.

When you do some marketing tasks yourself, you save money. It is the primary reason business owners choose DIY marketing.

Any marketing is better than no marketing. If you can afford to hire someone, then goes DIY.

If something doesn’t work, DIY marketing allows you to change the business marketing strategy quickly without waiting for outsiders to take action.

Doing your own marketing allows you to formulate marketing strategies that connect well with customers because no one knows your business better than you.

The number one advantage of DIY marketing is the skills and knowledge that you learn from doing it. You don’t have to wait for the expert report. You know what works and what’s not.

Disadvantages of DIY Marketing

Business owners often tell me that they don’t do their own marketing because it’s time-consuming. To them, the time spend learning DIY marketing is useless. They say it’s better to use the time to grow the business. But marketing is what you must do to grow the business.

I am not a marketing expert. It’s the second disadvantage that prevents people from doing their own marketing. Here’s a marketing secret, no one is a marketing expert. Why do marketers test every marketing strategy? It’s the only way to know which marketing strategy works. You don’t need to be an expert to do this.

You must have the right skill set to run a successful DIY marketing program. It’s true. However, you can learn this skill. Part of DIY marketing is learning to do it yourself. But, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. The skill to learn is knowing which marketing strategies work best for your business and the process of implementing them.

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How To DIY Marketing?

If the thought of doing your own marketing keeping you up all night, don’t panic.

DIY Virtual marketing is here to guide you through the DIY marketing process.

The DIY marketing process starts with choosing the type of marketing for your business.

Types of Marketing

There are two types of marketing: Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing.

Traditional marketing is your offline marketing. This type of marketing uses newspaper ads, flyers, TV, or billboards to reach customers.

Before the internet, offline marketing is the only way for businesses to connect with customers.

Today, businesses have another medium to connect with their customers, the internet.

The internet creates a new type of marketing which we refer to as internet marketing.

Internet marketing is also known as virtual marketing, online marketing, or digital marketing.

Internet marketing allows you to reach a wider audience at low costs. It has become the top marketing choice for businesses.

Since you are here at DIY virtual marketing, you must have already decided to promote your business with DIY internet marketing.

So, let move on to the next step.

DIY Online Marketing Strategy

Understand and formulate the right DIY virtual marketing strategy makes it possible to achieve the marketing goals.

If your marketing goal is to increase sales, then your DIY online marketing strategy is the blueprint outline specific approach to reach the goal.

Learning the seven virtual marketing strategies allows you to formulate the right marketing strategy.

DIY marketers get panic when facing the seven digital marketing strategies.

How am I going to do all this? I don’t have time.

It’s important to point out that you don’t have to use all seven internet marketing strategies to achieve the goal.

OK, here are the seven virtual marketing strategies you need to know:

Content Marketing

We have a fancy definition for content marketing. I am not going to bore you to death with that.

A popular DIY content marketing strategy is starting a Blog.

If your DIY marketing goal is to increase brand, products, or services awareness, a blog is the best virtual marketing strategy to achieve the goals.

Business owners think keeping up on the blog is time-consuming, and they don’t have the time.

As a successful blogger, I can tell you writing blog posts take a lot of your time. But you don’t have to do this task. You can hire a freelance writer to do it.

As a DIY marketer, your job is to think of relevant topics for the blog. It doesn’t take a lot of time to do this task.

Once you have the topics, you can hire a freelance writer on Fiverr for $10 or $20 to write the blog article for you.

Take this CONTENT MARKETING LESSON to learn more about DIY virtual marketing with a blog.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You must know SEO to do DIY virtual marketing. But, you don’t have to be an SEO expert.

Understand the basic SEO is more than enough for you to run a successful DIY marketing program.

In digital marketing, SEO is a technique to diver blogs or websites higher in search results on sites like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

SEO might sound complicated. Well, you don’t have to do this task either.

If you want your blog posts or websites SEO-friendly, you hire an SEO writer to create the marketing content.

This SEO – BASIC TO ADVANCED lesson is enough for you to manage your DIY SEO marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a virtual marketing strategy to drive traffic to your business website and increase sales.

The negative of this DIY digital marketing strategy is cost. You have to purchase ad spots on the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The most costly mistake with this digital marketing strategy is spending time and money on the wrong social media platform. You can avoid this mistake by hiring a freelance social media manager to guide you.

We recommend new DIY marketers delay using this virtual marketing strategy until they have done the content marketing strategy.

lET GET You should start this SOCIAL MEDIA BREAKDOWN lesson.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a virtual marketing strategy involving the partnership between an online influencer and the business to promote products or services.

This online marketing strategy is very effective in reaching the right audience. However, it’s not cost-effective for DIY marketing.

Hiring an influencer is not cheap. Access this INFLUENCER lesson to learn more.

Affiliate Marketing

For some unknown reason, new DIY marketers believe affiliate marketing is bad for their business.

Every time I mention affiliate marketing, people get the impression that paying an affiliate a commission to promote your products or services is unethical.

Affiliate marketers will indeed say anything to make a sale. But, you can set rules to prohibit these unethical behaviors.

Affiliate marketing is a cost-effective DIY virtual marketing strategy to drive traffic to the business websites and increase profits.

You don’t pay the affiliate marketers unless they achieve the marketing goal. It’s silly not to use this marketing strategy in your DIY marketing plan.

Take a look at this lesson on BASIC AFFILIATE MARKETING to unlock the power of affiliate marketing.

Email Marketing

This virtual marketing strategy utilizes the email list to make customers aware of new products, services, or discounts.

To implement this marketing strategy, you need to have an email list of targeted customers.

You can build an email list, or you can buy the list from email contacts providers.

Most DIY marketers choose to build an email list.

Build your own email list doesn’t mean learning codes or creating a database to collect email addresses. There are digital tools for this task.

This lesson, OVERVIEW OF EMAIL MARKETING, will show you how easy to implement an email marketing strategy.

Paid Digital Advertising

This virtual marketing strategy refers to any internet advertisement that you have to pay for the placement.

The best example of digital advertisement is buying ads on Google.

If you can afford it, Paid advertising is the quickest way to reach a large targeted audience compared to content marketing.

Most DIY marketers prefer not to use the digital marketing strategy because it’s expensive to implement. But it doesn’t hurt to learn about it.


Simple DIY Marketing Plan

Yes, there is a hard way and simple way to DIY marketing.

I have shared with you a simple DIY marketing plan to achieve success.

Every successful DIY marketing plan must include these steps:

  1. The marketing goal.
  2. The marketing type.
  3. The marketing strategy.

Starting your DIY marketing with a goal makes it easier for you to select the right marketing strategy.

Business owners get panic about DIY marketing because they implement the marketing strategies without knowing the marketing goal.

It’s complicated and time-consuming to execute all seven virtual marketing strategies at once. Even the expert cannot do it.

Implementing one marketing strategy at a time is the keep to achieve DIY marketing success.

You can access the DIY Virtual Marketing resources center to learn more.

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